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Hey I was wondering If anyone in here would like to do a possible Quilting job for me.

I have been working at summer camps for the past 7 years. I have a lot of camp shirts! Primarily I've been working at the Paul Newman camps for about 4 years ( camps for special needs kids with terminal and chronic illness's ) and we see 9 different groups of kids, from aids, to cancer, to hemophilia. Ever week ( almost ) we would get shirts! So, I have about 20 I've saved that meant a lot to me. Some are white, some are colored. some are sainted with paint hand prints from the kids.. some have paint spattered from paint fights.. some are staff shirts, and some are shirts from the kids. AND I have about 5 or so from concerts I attended threw out those summers, or restraunts I went to.

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anyway's, I just don't wear these shirts. But, They are so important to me, that I want to keep them forever. I want to make a memory quilt.

I wanted to know if anyone would be willing to do this for me. Ill pay you, and it would be a new project. The things I would like this to have, 1 the shirt backs and fronts.. somehow in a cool layout, 2 embroidered quotes on the actual quilt..( just done with a sewing machine, nothing special) and the grafix to be outlined.. so they look puffy. and possibly some random star design embroidered into the fabric to make it more " quilted". I was thinking a plain black fleece backings on the bottom.... possibly some quotes there too, in a silver or white thread.

anyway's, this would be very special to me, and since I am not a quilter, ( I'm a photographer.. ha ha) I would most likely ruin all my memories.

I would pay for all supplies, plus whatever your fee is. I don't have a lot of money, but for the right talented person, I would be more then happy to work something out. Because this is something I would love to keep forever, and be able to tell my children someday ( when I have them) all about my times working at summer camp.

thanks in advance. My email address is Just put subject Quilt, since I have AOL, and a lot of things get bounced to my spam folder before I see them, ill be able to make sure its about the quilt and not some penis enlargement add, or a new home mortgage offer. haha.

I'm really excited to hear from some of you!! if you have any examples of your work, that would help me as well. I'm sorry if this is not a " aloud" post. Please feel free to delete if it is.

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